Speaker Date Topic
Alon Beran Mar 26, 2018
Club Discussion -Topic TBA
No Meeting-Easter Monday Apr 02, 2018
Nicole Christensen , Sister Carmel,Adrian Johnston Apr 09, 2018
Up-date on Monte's Project in Maliana,Timor Leste

The purpose of this talk is to give the Club an up-date on their project and potential for our Crows Nest Rotary Club to be involved. ‚Äč

Nicole Christensen , College Principal 

Sr Carmel McDonough is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney and has also worked with the staff and students of Monte for the past 20 years developing Immersion Programmes to Peru, Timor Leste, the Central Desert, Wreck Bay and Chaing Mai. 

  Adrian Johnston has  been coordinating the College Timor Leste Immersion to Colegio Infante de Sagres, Maliana. The immersion program is heading into its fifth year, we have been able to form a strong relationship built on trust and honesty embedded by the core mercy values with Fr Natalino, teaching staff, students and wider Maliana community.




Alon Beran May 07, 2018
Board Meeting
Lynne Acworth May 14, 2018
Eradicating Obstetric Fistula in Ethiopia

Lynne will talk about the work of Catherine & Reg Hamlin. Catherine was voted Senior Citizen of NSW for 2017.