Hello, Members and our Rotary Friends receiving this eBulletin.
Winter is upon us!  And we are meeting back at the Union Hotel fortnightly.  Last Monday we had a special visitor, Edmund, who enjoyed lunch with us and our Speaker, Maggie from Epilepsy Action Australia. 
Our next face to face will be at the Union Hotel on Monday 16th May, when we have Ian Burnett to speak to us on the subject of; ‘‘The First Appearance of Australia on a World Map’.
We are nearing the end of my Presidential year, and lots of functions are coming up.  Please make a note in your diaries;
On Saturday 14th May we have a very special early evening event, ie 5.30pm start, our ‘Rotary Fellowship Dinner’, hosted by Bill and Lydia at Storage Works, Artarmon.  Everyone is invited, please let our Secretary know for catering purposes, see flyer below.
On Monday 27th June we have our Presidential Changeover Dinner from 6.30pm, and coupled with that will be our presentation of ‘Pride of Workmanship Awards.   Everyone is invited, please let our Secretary know for catering purposes, see flyer below.
This Thursday a few of our members will visit and sit down to discuss the future, with representatives of our local organisation, ‘Taldumande Youth Services’.  As a Rotary Group, we always split our attentions from organisations in our local area who need assistance, and overseas projects.

Our next meeting will be on Zoom Monday 9th May at 12.30pm, click here for the link!
Our next face to face meeting will be on 16th May at 12.30pm for lunch at the Union Hotel North Sydney.  Come join us!  The food at the Union is great! 
Stay safe, be careful, wear your mask! 
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President Philip
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Board Minutes 6th April 2022
the dates booked for May/June/July 2022 are;
7th May 2022
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4th June 2022
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President's Extra Message
14th May, Crows Nest Club Social Night
Another Social Event is our ‘Club's Fellowship Party Night’ to be held at Storage Works on the 14th of May! A Big Night!!
From 5.30pm.  Dinner will be served. BYO.   Parking inside!  The address is the corner of Campbell Street, and Pacific Highway, Artarmon.  All are Welcome!  Our Hosts are Bill and Lydia!  Let Bill know if you are coming, for catering purposes! 
Presidents Changeover Dinner and Pride of Workmanship Awards 27th June 2022
this one is a must for your diary!  
The good news is that the D’Cafe recommenced last month, after almost 18 months on hold due to the pandemic!; and 10 visitors came and enjoyed morning tea with our Volunteers!  Well done Sue and Denise our other volunteers!  If you know of a friend or relative suffering with Dementia, consider coming to the monthly D’Cafe events!  See flyer below!
This month's theme is Youth Service Month!
Youth service recognizes the importance of empowering youth and young professionals through programs such as:
This month, learn more about how you can support young leaders:

Next Meeting is Monday, the 9th May - Club Discussion 

President Philip will lead discussion on a number of items. 


We have returned to every 2nd week @ the Union hotel (Cnr Pacific Highway & West St, North Sydney)  , and Alterative weeks  via Zoom. 
Check weekly eBulletin for confirmation of venue.
Our Last Monday Meeting on Monday 2nd May - Maggie - Epilepsy Action 
RI Toast:   No toast this week. 
Today’s speaker was Maggie from Epilepsy Action. 


First let’s clarify that epilepsy is basically electricity in the brain which is “mis-wired”. There is no cure and must be managed & in some cases brain surgery does help. It caused three types of seizures (focal, absence & tonic Clonic). 65 million people suffer worldwide with 250,000 in Australia. Majority of sufferers are less than 20 years of age or over 65.

Maggie related her own personal battle with epilepsy which included trying various medications (as 60% don’t work) and finally brain surgery. She also made a significant decision to have two children.    

We also covered First Aid, when someone has a seizure.  Key being staying  calm, staying with the person, timing the seizures, protecting the person from injury, rolling them on their side until seizures stop and reassuring the person. Finally, off to the hospital if seizures continue for more than 5 mins & please don’t attempt to revive.

In terms of Epilepsy Action, they have a number of projects. These being a) Healthy Pregnancy b) Youth connect c) SUDEP(Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy) risk d) Canguide for GPs and e) National help line staffed by a nurse.   All this is free for clients. 

The KEY MESSAGE is get to know Epilepsy and don’t fear it – Get some education.

Thank you, Maggie, – This was an “Eye Opener” for all of us.

D-Cafe has started again running on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Last week's was very successful AGAIN ! 
Shelterbox has now arrived in Ukraine. 
District assembly opening session was successful and Philip will get a copy of the video. 
More district assembly session during May. Please attend those relevant. 
Ian is co-ordinating helpers for the Red Shield appeal on Sunday 29th May 
DGE for 2024/5 is Niranjan Deodhar(Beecroft club) 
Sue & Philip are visiting a Taldumande house on Thursday & others welcome. 

We have another BBQ, 7th May 2022 Saturday ,and we ask all members to support their shift co-ordinator as they finalise the roster.

Additional reminder for our Fellowship Night at Storage Works on the 14th of May.   Bill will supply food, just BYOG.



- May 14th - Fellowship Dinner @ Bill's Storage Works Warehouse,5.30pm
- June 4-8th RI convention, Houston, USA.   Live not Virtual 
- 27th June, Monday - Our President’s Changeover and Pride of Workmanship Award Event
- 2nd July - District Changeover 
- 28th-30th October - Zone 8 Conference @ Canberra 
- 17th - 19th March 2023 District Conference - Cowra  


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‘The First Appearance of Australia on a World Map’
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