For the information of all members and friends;
Recently, our new District Governor for 2021-22, advised our Club of a new rearrangement of Club Clusters into Areas, to remove imbalances of member numbers etc.  
Crows Nest is part of Cluster 2, made up of two Clusters;
- the Lower North Shore and
- Riverside
Our Club is in an Area made up of 8 Clubs and we have an Assistant Governor, John Zhang.
Click on this Link to see the new spreadsheet and read on to read the DG’s letter to our Club;
Recent Correspondence from the 9685 District Governor, Lindsay May;
3rd July 2021
Dear President Philip,   (and District Team)
It's possible some of you are not aware of the structure of District 9685.
We now have 67 Clubs split into 5 Clusters on a geographical basis.
Within each Cluster we have 2 or 3 Areas comprising of 3 to 8 Clubs.
These used to be called Zones but given Rotary International break up of the World up into 34 Zones (9685 is in Zone 8) I wanted to avoid confusion, hence Area.
I have recently rearranged Clusters to avoid imbalances of members, and I have moved some Clubs to better define Clusters.
Each Cluster elects one delegate to the Committee of the Association (COTA) which is the D9685 Governing Board.
Attached is a list of Clusters and Areas, displaying;
  • The Cluster Rep to COTA
  • Each Club within an Area
  • The Assistant Governor (AG)
  • Each Club’s Charter Date, 
  • Each Club’s membership number as at 30th June 2021
  • Each Club’s 2021-22 President’ name
The AG's will be in dialogue with you about arranging suitable times for the Presidents in each Cluster to meet in your Area (group) to discuss matters such as; each club plan and potential collaboration by Clubs on projects and activities.
I hope this clarifies why a handful of clubs are now engaging with 'new' clubs.
Kind regards
Membership 2022 in 2022 

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