President Swapna - 26 March
I hope you are enjoying the magnificent sunrises the last two days - it certainly makes for a lovely start to the day!
This week, we had Ian Burnet, author of the "Spice Islands", a book capturing his fascination of the spice trade and the untold story of the Portuguese and Spanish war on spice. As a geologist in 1968, Ian spoke of his first trip to Indonesia and his desire to explore the history of the spice trade that took place for over 2000 years. He shed light on historical maps and routes taken before many of the well-known voyages of discovery made by the Dutch.
We thank Ian for his wonderful history lesson, with vivid imagery of ships, maps and spices!
This week, we dedicated our International Toast to "World Water Day" -most of us charged our glasses with this precious delight to honour our work in this most valuable resource we all take for granted and many struggle to live without. We found it a good way to cover our International Toaster whom was late arriving at the meeting.
We got a brief update of the District Conference at the Hunter Valley over the weekend. Those members whom attended were impressed with the program and enjoyed the weekend.
We have a BBQ this weekend, a huge thank you again to members for your comradery in swapping where needed. Weekends are busy for all of us, we appreciate your time to help us raise funds for our good and to continue to keep our club giving whenever we can.
Finally, our card jackpot was drawn this week, Cyril Clark pulled out the winning joker from the 29 remaining cards in the deck and won a handsome $500. Congratulations Cyril-it was indeed your lucky day!
Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, see you on Monday!