Probus is a community service activity of Rotary clubs.
It is an association for active members of the community, and for those no longer working full time, to join together in clubs for a new lease of life.
Its basic purpose is to advance intellectual and cultural interests amongst adult persons; to provide regular opportunities to progress healthy minds and active bodies through social interaction and activities, expand interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.
Age is not a number but how you feel inside.
Probus offers many member benefits to keep you young, including international and domestic travel, day trip excursions, luncheons and opportunities to meet new friends.
The Probus Club of Crows Nest is a mixed club of about 43 members.  It was the eighth Probus Club in Australia when it's inaugural meeting was held on 31 May 1970.  The Club was chartered by the Rotary Club of Crows Nest.
Activities include a monthly meeting with a guest speaker, outings and lunches.
Crows Nest Probus meets at 10 am on the third Thursday of each month at the Crows Nest Community Centre.
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