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Geoff Pritchard May 20, 2024
Petrov Affair

In 1949 ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) was set up to try and monitor the ‘Cold War’ which was secretly occurring around the world after the end of WWII. ASIO discovered that a young Russian doctor practising in the Wollongong area of NSW had been actively involved in espionage in Europe during WWII. They convinced the doctor to move to Sydney and set him up discreetly in practice in Macquarie St close to ASIO headquarters. He was then cultivated as a spy for Australia specifically against Russia who he despised due to their treatment of his family who had fled from Ukraine to Poland at the start of the war.

He was able to infiltrate the Russian embassy in Canberra by befriending their so-called third Secretary, Vladimir Petrov, a recent arrival to Australia and, as it turned out, a KGB agent.  He was given the job of seducing the doctor to spy in Australia for Russia……a typical double agent.

Geoff Pritchard studied Pharmacy at both Sydney and London Universities. Owned or part-owned 3 pharmacies in Newtown. Then started organising post-graduate education of pharmacists for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, a position that stretched from 6 months to 18 ½ years. He was tapped on the shoulder in 1997 and appointed a director of The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games specifically monitoring drugs to be brought into Australia by the 142 competing countries.

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